Gas Hot Water Service Overview

A gas hot water system is a device that produces heated water for use in domestic and commercial environments. They are available in instantaneous and continuous models. In recent times it has been possible to use a water heating system where the primary heating source is solar, but a gas booster is fitted for times when the heating effect from the sun has been insufficient. The specific model that will be suitable for the installation will be determined by the location, indoor or outdoor, the amount of water to be heated and the rate at which that heated water is used. In some installations, such as apartment blocks it is also necessary to be able to link the heaters into a single system in a chain-like fashion.


There are many alternatives when looking at gas heating systems. For example:

– Instantaneous gas water heating systems,
– Recirculating water heating systems,
– Gas water heating storage systems,
– Solar, gas boosted systems,
– Recirculating systems for multi-residence buildings

There are also some alternatives. For example:

– Electric storage systems
– Instantaneous electric hot water systems,
– Solar hot water systems,
– Heat pump water heaters,
– Warm water recirculating systems for nursing homes.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System

These systems are very efficient in that they only heat water that is being used. The water is heated as it passes through the system in a continuous manner. There are many advantages such as not requiring a storage tank which will wear out within 5 to 10 years and having access to heated water whenever you need it.

Recirculating Hot Water System

These systems use pumps to send water that has cooled back to the heater for reheating. They can save water and energy.

Gas Hot Water Storage System

A gas storage system is your traditional type of water heater. These will normally heat the water in a storage tank continuously or be controlled by a thermostat. A disadvantage of these systems, especially when installed indoors is the need for a flue to divert the exhaust gasses to the outside of the building.

Solar, Gas Boosted Systems

These systems use the heating effect of the sun as the primary heating source. As the sun is only available for a set amount each day and this time is somewhat limited in Winter months, these system are mostly fitted with the electric or gas boosters. This boosters kicks in when a sun is not available to meet the heating demands.